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The Bitcoin Reformation

“Today we see broad parts of society, millennials especially, acting increasingly critical of central bank interventionism. At the same time technologists, at an accelerating pace,… Read More

Cypherpunk Future Is Now

Limited edition screen-prints dedicated to Cryptoanarchy, Cypherpunks, Privacy and Bitcoin available at Designed and Printed by Martin Fischer, Co-founder and Art Director at Paralelní Polis,… Read More

Cryptoliberation communities Meetup

Here we introduce existing Crypto Liberation Communities in Catalonia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Listen their short stories, their achievements and failures. Be inspired… Read More

Suggested Readings

A list of resources that contribute understanding what bitcoin is, and how crypto is creating a form of power that can only be called sovereign. We link to free copies of the work whenever we can find them. Read More