This week’s meetup was our largest to date, with team members old and new, and we got a lot accomplished. We onboarded @eve_a, @Alyosh, @focuswalrus, and @kpi to our keybase team, which we are using for verified WOT, Chat and git files.

Kpi requested a riot bridge, which @geleeroyale offered to integrate. So sometime soon, we’ll have bidirectional open chat channels built on matrix, woohoo! For now, new users will still need an invite via keybase or riot, but eventually we’ll make the channels / team public as our community grows. Ping @exiledsurfer on keybase if you’d like to participate in

@eve_a and @Alyosh are pooling their experience in establishing and operating Austrian Vereins (the easiest legal form for interfacing with the fiat world for things like rent, power, location liability, etc) to get our statutes written and the application submitted. @eve_a and @exiledsurfer will be the founding members and officials of the Verein for the first period until a vote is held. The approval process for the legal entity Verein Parallele Polis can take up to six weeks, but could happen faster.

Floor plan of the future Parallele Polis in Vienna

Once the Verein is established, it can enter into official negotiations to either buy or rent the location we have in mind, located in the 18th district in vienna. The purchase price for the 204 square meter location, with four rooms which need to be renovated, is 1,200 Euros / m2, (244,480 Euros) or 1,016 Euros per month. We’ve got our fundraising cut out for us! @kpi suggested tokenizing the purchase, but that’s probably something we’ll save for a future date – for now it will be easier to rent the location with an option to buy.

@exiledsurfer presented the location and the concept for the multi-use space inline with the Paralelni Polís implementations in Prague, Bratislava, and Barcelona which will include a Paper Hub coworking space, The Institute of Cryptoanarchy for events and educational events, as well as a Crypto Cafe. The corner location has three entrances which allows for both individual usage with different hours of operation, or integrated use for larger events.

@geleeroyale trying to keep his head from exploding

After discussing the proposed location, discussions moved along to the state of our donation infrastructure. @jaeh is moving forward on getting our own BTCpay server running behind Tor so that it can be integrated with a Woocommerce shop here on our WordPress install. We’ll be implementing Crowdfunding, Donations, and the Crypto Cafe’s POS system with BTCpay Apps. We’ll also have a POS terminal and a Bitcoin ATM from General Bytes on location. We’ll hopefully have our wallets set up next week to take donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dai, Zerocash, as well as ERC20 tokens. We intend, however to automatically swap into (and hodl) Bitcoin at the Point of Transaction via BTCpay’s built in trading feature.

We’ve also added links to our twitter, youtube, github, and keybase profiles to the website. Follow us now while we’re still in stealth mode 🙂

Overall, it was a great meeting with a high level of excitement and participation from the participants. Looking forward to seeing more new people at next week’s meetup on the 19th of November!