During our final Verein meetup of 2019 under the watchful eye of Feli cat, @kpi, @geleeroyale @eva @easye @weirdpress and @exiledsurfer made the first step towards the decentralized, transparent finance infrastructure of Parallele Polis Vienna by creating our first multisig wallet together.

The participating members settled on the Team Version of the Gnosis Safe, based on the past performance and reliability of their original multisig implementation, confidence in the developers, paired with a well designed and functional dashboard UI/UX.

Three designated owners of the safe, confirmed each other both in meatspace and via multiple digital identity verification channels. Once each signatory had demonstrated control of the 2/3 multisig safe, the first donation in the amount of 5000 DAI was confirmed. The funds are earmarked to cover the costs of becoming the Legal Adress of the Verein Parallele Polis at Hofstattgasse 4, 1180 Vienna, as well as to its ongoing operating costs during the year 2020.

If you feel motivated to contribute financially towards the establishment of our open community space, please use the following contract address for Ethereum (ONLY!) based tokens:


We’re currency and chain agnostic

We have yet to create a BTC multisig wallet, which we will need for the BTCPay-based woocommerce store we plan to implement in the first quarter of 2010 with the assistance of the team of Paralelna Polis in Bratislava

We’ll be selling art, schwag & tickets to our events utilizing the api for mintbase NFT’s as well.

Expect us to also implement Monero with the experts from riat, after they return from hosting their cluster at this year’s CCC.

We intend to transact – with our publicly verifiable identities – in as many of the non-state token economies that meet our technical, financial and ethical standards, as it is feasible for us to implement.

We will transact freely with anyone that wants to freely transact with us, in whichever agreed upon denomination that we implement the rails for.

We understand and freely embrace the transparent auditing and accounting that cryptographic private-public keypair public ledger software implementations provide.

We look forward to freely experimenting with all open source software and products which enable us to transact privately, securely, and sovereignly with others around the world in the emergent distributed parallel economic and social networks.