1 We will not receive funding from resources raised under the threat of violence / involuntary or distributed by the State or its derived authority.

2 We will base our program, education, and project content based on the three pillars of science, art and technology.

3 We will fulfill Parallel Polis’ vision of creating and strengthening social structures independent of centralized power and not subordinating to centralized power.

4 We will protect free critical discussion and defend it against one leading ideology.

5 We will not accept state currencies. We will support free, decentralized economies.

6 We will implement projects based on the priciples of openness and decentralization (open-source and peer-to-peer projects).

7 The community of Parallel Polis organisations share a reputation
and all operators are responsible for project sustainability, care for reputation and long-term results.

8 We respect the Privacy of others.

9 Design – The World IS black and white (at least in Parallel Polis). We strive to maintain the graphic design manual’s standards.

10 If we systematically violate this compact, we do not belong to the community of Parallelni Polis organisations.