Ok, let’s be honest. Most of us go to conferences and events for the PEOPLE that will be there. To hangout with our online peers, normally distributed across the globe, in meatspace. As long as the event theme is somewhere in line with our interests, the speaker list is often secondary, and we miss the talks or workshops we wanted to see either because of track scheduling conflicts, or because we got caught up babbling in the NOTORIOUS HALL TRACK with friends we already know, or peers we haven’t met in person yet. Our best personal experiences with these conferences were always the conversations and social engagements we had with other people from the community, as well as hacking together to build the future – with or without an official “hackathon” attached.

We here at Parallele Polis have been in stealth mode since November of last year, and were intending to do an official launch event for our fork of Prague’s Paralelni Polis during EDCON in April this year. Then the Corona Virus happened, and EDCON cancelled their event, citing concern for “the safety and health for the host city Vienna, the venue provider WU University, as well as all the speakers and attendees”.

Networked as as some of our members are with the Ethereum community, we started hearing through multiple channels that project teams and individuals were disappointed and still wanted to come to Vienna. (Many had already booked flights and reservations, intending to come to Vienna after ethCC in Paris to grow and nurture the local blockchain community. So, 6 hours after EDCON’s announcement, we secured a domain, set up a wallet using Gnosis safe, secured the ENS noncon.eth address, and with a little bit of @magic got the website up. To collaborate with us you can join our Keybase Team Chat for now (telegram / discord bridges coming soon!) or oldskool-stylee, send us an email.

The Venue

Located in the center of Vienna, our tentative venue Raum D can comfortably hold 100 people. It is directly opposite our Qrypto Qube on Electric Avenue in the Museumsquarter, and based on the response to our questionnaire, we can scale up the amount of space we utilize there. If you are arriving earlier than April 3rd, and staying longer than April 6, you can hang out in our coworking space, Paper Hub, a short trip via public transport from the Museumsquarter.

Furries R Welcome

We intend for NONCON 2020 to be much smaller in scope, cheaper, and in general more community oriented than the original EDCON, as well as tilting the main topics towards community, development and security, while also be more inviting to interests outside the Ethereum ecosystem to include all cypherpunk and privacy focused individuals and communities.

Projects and communities attending / supporting NONCON 2020 so far include: Goerli Testnet, MetaGame, MetaCartel, Giveth, Commons Stack, and Webboot.

Please bear with us in the coming weeks, as this is very much last notice and we will do our best to deliver an experience that proves fulfilling for its participants. There might or might not be speakers, there might or might not be hackbounties, but there will definitely be a place to hang out with peers and do whatever it is ya wanna do together for four days in beautiful Vienna. Open source Blockchain projects celebrate permissionless innovation and self sovereignty. We subscribe to these values and support them flowing out into other social spaces.

If you would like to attend, sponsor, or speak at NonCon 2020 in Vienna, sign up via this Typeform (thx to Commons Stack) and we’ll keep you informed.

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